Who We Are

Polyon Food Packaging Sdn. Bhd., formerly known as Polyon Enterprise (K.L.) Sdn. Bhd. is a food packaging supplier that was incorporated on March 13th, 1996. From our humble beginnings with only two employees operating out of a rented shop office in KL, we now have our warehouse in Shah Alam, Selangor which spans approximately 37,000 sq. ft, with a workforce of over 40 personnel. Our Penang office was set up in 2003 to cope with the rising demand in the Northern region.

We provide one-stop packaging solutions to our clients in the South East Asian market, with a wide range of packaging solutions including aluminium foil products, bamboo and wooden utensils, PVC and paper products, PP containers, etc. Our brands include Cyber Fresh, Sun Fresh, MyChef, Orii, Wallaby, Orimax, etc.

Since our incorporation, we have increased our sales revenue from RM100,000 in 1996 to over RM30 million in 2013. By 2023, our revenue had increased twofold to RM63 million. In 2012, we successfully penetrated the airline catering industry by winning a contract from a well-known inflight catering service provider in Malaysia.

How We Began

“Professionalism, Persistence and Perseverance”,

These are the first words that come to mind when Mr Lee - the founder and Managing Director of Polyon Food Packaging Sdn.Bhd. reflect on his illustrious entrepreneurial journey that spans over four decades.

Mr. Lee’s career began in 1991, when he was employed as the Site Engineer of a prominent public-listed company. Two years later, he would
surrender his well-paying job to make a drastic career change - taking the reins as the Manager of Makmur Malaya Sdn Bhd - a food business company that was struggling financially at the time. He would then single- handedly build the company into Malaysia’s leading importer of canned food and general foodstuff.


He yearned for more avenues to flex his entrepreneurial muscle, but little did Mr Lee know that a casual tea session in 1996 between a few friends would lead to the incorporation of Polyon Enterprise (K.L.) Sdn. Bhd. Originally envisioned as a trading house for disposable food packaging, Polyon was a new player in the industry that lacked experience and expertise, and Mr Lee had anticipated that his entrepreneurial journey would not be a smooth sailing one.


As fate would have it, a major hurdle was just around the corner. The Financial Crisis of 1997 would sweep through Asia, wreaking havoc on
businesses and livelihoods alike. Polyon ended up incurring hundreds of thousands of Ringgits in losses. In the face of such an uphill challenge, any rational businessman would cut their losses and wind up the business; but Mr Lee’s never-say-die attitude was determined to turn things around.


With the dust of the financial crisis still settling, Mr Lee made two bold but strategic decisions. At a time when others were scrambling to liquidate their assets, he purchased an industrial warehouse as he believed that a rented premise could never cope with the scale of business that he envisioned. And while other companies were cutting down on their headcount, he embarked on an aggressive headhunting spree, hiring working comrades with the right skillsets and mindset. Since then, Polyon has continued to achieve milestone after milestone.

In 2012, Polyon penetrated the airline catering industry by winning a contract from a well-known inflight catering service provider in Malaysia. In 2023, Polyon is scheduled to move into its new headquarters, a massive warehouse facility that spans 1.88 acres.


Reminiscing on Polyon’s journey, Mr Lee jests that the company was built on a series of unfortunate events and coincidences; but it was his perseverance, persistence and professionalism that ultimately steered the company to the success it has achieved today.

What Drives Us



To be the global leader in supplying high-quality, innovative and
eco-friendly food packaging solutions.



As our products come in direct contact with food, we make no
compromises in quality and safety; while delivering innovative
and sustainable solutions that appeal to our customer’s needs.